Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seaglass is a Sunday Favorite at Heart and Home

Good Morning! How's it going today? I hope you're having a great weekend. It's time once again for Sunday Favorites, at Happy to Design.  Go see Chari's pretty blog when you've finished here, you'll be glad you did!

This is one of the first posts that I wrote in August 2009. I don't think my blog was public at that time, I was just starting out and very nervous to share what I had written. I've learned a lot since then, I see a definite improvement in my posts, but I do still love sea glass, it's one of my favorite collections. The blustery winter weather makes me long for Spring and Summer, and even early beautiful Autumn along the ocean, so I thought it would be fun to revisit this post today:

I'm sharing my collection of bits and pieces from the shore. I keep everything in great big zip-lock baggies until it's time to bring them out for air. Then they all go into bowls, into vases, onto shelves and anywhere else I can think of to display them. Some of them still have sand on them!

I love how all this "stuff" reminds me of the great walks I've had along the coast near my home: early in the morning, bundled up against the morning fog with my pooch little Miss Maggie, mid-afternoon for a de-stresser during a hectic day, and early in the evening to cool off from the heat of a summer's day. I found that oval-shaped rock on a tiny beach on a walk during an Easter break. I thought it looked just like an Easter egg! I've had it for over 10 years.

Around here, the best time to explore the shore is during the Fall, when the tourists have gone home and we have all the beaches to ourselves. The weather is perfect then, and it feels like the sand and waves belong only to us. (See our day at the beach

I found most of the sea glass in the winter, after the rough storm waves wash all sorts of things up on shore. I collect it with gratitude for the little things in life that make me smile.

Vases don't always have to hold flowers. I thought the sea glass and stones looked so pretty in this one. And I don't have to remember to water them!

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Thanks Chari, for hosting Sunday Favorites!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Heidi; You have some pretty sea shells and sea glass... love the rock shaped like a egg, so different.... I love to walk the beach when we go there to find lots of shells and hopefully some pretty sea glass.... have a great weekend..


Pat said...

I love sea glass! You have some gorgeous pieces and the rock is really special. Oh, to live near a beach. :-) Thanks so much for sharing ~


Kathy said...

I loved your post on sea glass, Heidi. I love anything to do with the beach! Even though I live in Michigan I think I was born to live on the beach! I do go to Florida for a few weeks of paradise as often as I can. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've walked miles on the beach and have NEVER found a piece of sea glass! I always look, but never find :((
Have a beautiful new week, Heini.

Kathy said...

Sorry about the typo...I meant Heidi, not Heini!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Heidi, you have some beautiful sea glass girl..thanks for sharing this post again...hope you have a GREAT Sunday...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Lori E said...

I always feel at home when I see your banner. We live in British Columbia and the hill side looks like it does here. Lots of evergreens. Your collection of sea glass is very pretty but the fact that you have collected and it brings you fond memories is even better.

Sonia said...

I love sea Mom collects it too..she lives in Florida where I grew up. I'm nowhere near a place to collect it..but it is so pretty! I love the vase you put it in. So different and beautiful! Happy Week!

Miss Bloomers

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

The sea glass is so pretty! I lived at the beach for 6 years and never found any. I have just found your blog, and it's lovely. I'll try to join you this Wednesday, thinking of the many things I am grateful for, also!

CIELO said...

Everything looks perfect... love your home. Have you ever considere participating in "Show Off Your Cottage Monday"? At the house in the roses, every Monday! May the sound of happy music and the lilt of laughter fill your heart with gladness...

Chari said...

Hi Heidi...

Ohhh...what a welcome reprieve from the cold winter day here at my is only to get up to 19 degrees today! Your post takes me back to many fond memories of my life near the ocean in south Texas! Loved seeing all of your beautiful sea glass...I love sea glass!!! Ohh...and what an interesting rock that you found...that's awesome!!! Well my dear, thank you so much for sharing this lovely post with us this week for Sunday Favorites...I loved it!!!

I do apologize for being so late to get by for a visit but I have been enjoying my daughter and five grandbabies surprise visit from Texas! Thank you again for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites!!!

Have a fabulous week, my friend!
Chari @Happy To Design
PS...thank you for the very sweet mention about my blog in your post made me smile!!!