Heart and Home

Welcome to Heart and Home!

We've been living in this beautiful part of California for 20+ years, ten years of that turning a 70's era house into one that belongs in the 21st century. Sometimes, it's a bit of a challenge to stretch the budget to cover all the must-do's with the want-to's, and still leave some $$ for fun and travel (major priorities!), and all the things life brings in general.

After finishing phase one of a three phase giant remodel, I've been challenged to use my creativity when it comes to the smaller projects when fixing up this house. Usually, I rework and reuse things I already have, and I try to create a beautiful home with items found in second-hand stores, IKEA and discount stores. And, I move things around, a lot!! But there's so much more to do, the list is miles long!!

Although I admire the style, I'm definitely not a minimalist!! I love an eclectic look with lots of books, candles, flowers, and pillows. Comfortable, well lit places to read and relax are essential. No room in my home goes untouched or unused, and the dog is allowed on the sofa! This place would never be mistaken for a model home! The four of us love it here, we really live in our home, and you can tell.

When we decided to move to this area, we knew we would be adding a lot of time to my husband's daily commute. But, this is a fun community, and such a special place of natural beauty that we both agreed it would be worth the sacrifice. I'm so grateful to him, and feel very fortunate that I've been able to concentrate on my job as homemaker and full-time mother to my two lovely daughters .

Living here can sometimes be challenging, especially in the winter months during bad storms when we often go without power or water. However, the lure of the ocean, and the peace and stillness of the redwood forests just a short distance away from our home makes it all worthwhile to us. We spend many hours together walking along the ocean on the cliffs or in the sand on the shore, and our home is surrounded by majestic redwoods and California oak trees.

This is where our hearts are, and we feel blessed to call this place home.

 Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you'll be back again soon.

Until next time