About Heidi

When I was a young girl growing up, my parents provided a warm and loving home for our family, but fancy furniture and the latest style of interior design was not a part of their vocabulary! We were, however, surrounded by art and books, great food, and elaborate holiday decorations and celebrations. Those things formed the foundation of my childhood home.

I was introduced to Interior Design by my talented and creative Godfather, who lived in many different homes around the country that he turned into lovely and warm spaces, where his family and friends could comfortably gather. I was inspired by his creativity and ability to turn generic spaces into personal ones with the use of his extensive art collection, books, and comfortable furniture. I loved visiting him and seeing the changes to his homes, and, because he moved frequently due to his career, how quickly he could make a space his own by re-using and re-purposing his most beloved possessions. He was the one who showed me that good interior design didn't have to cost an arm and a leg! I learned that using furnishings and items which have been acquired over time, items that are meaningful and personal to the family that lives there, is what makes a house a home.

In my first apartments I got creative with wooden crates, baskets, and cast-off 2x4’s! After graduating from college with a degree in Interior Design I worked in the industry for awhile, until I became disillusioned with it and the rules that seemed to drive the designers I worked with. Now, many years later, I’m a wife and full-time mother to two daughters. We were fortunate to have purchased this ranch-style house on a bit of land in the redwoods just outside the city limits, and we’ve been living here for almost 11 years. There have been many design challenges, and we started a pretty major remodel several years ago. But, I’ve never been interested in creating an “instant home” with matchy-matchy furniture and accessories chosen for me by the marketing department of a furniture store! Those spaces usually wind up looking like a model home, which to me is one that looks like no one lives there, a house that has no soul. I know that our home will continue to evolve over time, and that there will always be projects on my to-do list!

I make room in my home for collections, books, art, bowls of seashells and sea glass, flowers, and candles! My tack board in the kitchen will always have too many cards, dried flowers and notes, family pictures, inspiring quotes, reminders and to-do lists falling off it! By using “vintage items”, whether they have been purchased inexpensively at the charity stores, or rescued on their way to the dump, and repurposing ones that have been part of our household for decades, I’ve put together a special and meaningful environment that makes our house a home. There is only one place in the entire world just like this one, created for this family using our most beloved possessions! It's fun and challenging for me to create a home that reflects our personalities; our interests, dreams, special talents, and histories come together to make a warm and comforting environment that is HOME to us. The challenge of working with a small budget provides an opportunity for me to come up with unique and creative solutions to design dilemmas.

I'm an avid reader, frustrated artist, old-movie lover, baker, cook, seamstress, and gardener. I can speak a little German, and an even smaller amount of Italian! I dream about someday being able to travel and see places in the world which, up to now, I’ve only read about. With just four short years until my youngest daughter goes off to college, I'm curious about what the universe has in store for me!

Some of the reasons I started Heart and Home were to connect with other women with the same interests, to share my ideas, reflections, and accomplishments, and to bond with other people around the world. As a result, Heart and Home has become my on-line journal of my home and life, and my personal journey. I started the meme “Wednesday Gratitude” as a reminder for me to slow down and reflect on my life’s many blessings, and to provide a weekly opportunity for others to do so as well. It's my desire for Heart and Home to be an inspiring, creative, warm, supportive and beautiful place for my readers. I hope to offer interesting, entertaining, and thoughtful posts for you -  my followers and “blog friends”, and to make Heart and Home a place you will want to return to, day after day.

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