Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transformed By the Outdoors At Heart and Home

Hey there, how's it going? This is what it's looked like around here for most of the week:

It's been a long, wet couple of days! We've even had some thunder and lightening!
All my plans for the transformation of this recent find:

and this one, currently languishing in the garage:

have been forgotten over the past couple of rainy days.

Instead, this weekend my girls and I braved the rain and went into town to see a movie, have tea and pastries, and window shop - and spent the next day and a half hunkered down inside the house to read, bake, watch old movies - and enjoy a "Platinum Weddings" marathon. (My husband and I eloped,  I love to watch brides-to-be with unlimited budgets plan their dream weddings!)  It was nice, spending time alone -just us girls, as the Mr. went out of town with his buddies to enjoy some snow up near Lake Tahoe. With the fire going, a warm cup of tea and piece of freshly baked persimmon bread to enjoy - well it was pretty cozy around here.

At times the rain came down so hard it was like watching sheets of water come crashing down from the sky. Our creek is swollen with rain run-off:

But I will admit it now- after about a million cups of tea, lots of reading, hemming all my new, 3" too long pants, house cleaning, doing about 500 loads of laundry, and way too much television - this house started to feel a little small...and I began feeling just a slight amount of resentment towards the Mr. for taking off on a 3 day school holiday, to play with his friends. I mean, who wouldn't want to get away from it all for awhile to have some fun?! While I understand the whole "spending time with my buddies" thing intellectually, - emotionally I'm not as mature about it as I'd like. Sometimes I really need a break from my day to day responsibilities and some time off - and there's always been 100% support for me to do it, but it's hard for me to arrange, and so "time away for me"  has happened rarely since I've been a full time mom the last 20+ years. Now, on top of feeling resentful, housebound, and a little bored,  I started to feel guilty for not being 100% behind the boys trip - I felt like a rotten wife. Okay, I agree it was not such a great way to spend my time -  I really needed to make the most of the rest of the day....and transform my thinking, right?!

...As soon as the rain let up I was out the door for a walk along the ocean. After too much time cooped up in the house, the fresh air really did me good! I love to walk by the sea in the winter, when the sky is dark and the waves are crashing. There's nothing better than a brisk walk on the ocean cliffs when the sea is all churned up from a storm. Down on the beach I love to comb the sand for my favorite bits of sea glass.  I really love to come home with my pockets full!  I'm transformed by the cold, the wet, the fresh air, and the exercise! Afterwards, I felt almost like an understanding, kind, loving wife again! I hope the feeling lasts!

The beach was transformed by the heavy seas, with the water coming all the way up to the normally dry walkway. Kelp was strewn everywhere - and the waves were really crashing!
It was beautiful out here - windy, cold, and misty! Just what I needed to transform my not-so-nice thoughts.

In light of the world's current events, I feel even more grateful for all my blessings, and for time spent walking along the coast. A lot more rain is expected over the next week, which is good for the environment, but not so good for me. I may not be able to get to my bookshelf painting and slipcover making for awhile -  and there's the distinct possibility of being transformed  into a  women with cabin fever - yet again! What's your favorite way to spend a stormy day, and to change your mood?  Tell me all about it!
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all have a great rest of the week - much dryer than the one we're having here! Hello all you BlogFrog bloggers - thanks for visiting, I'll be by to see you soon!
Until next time

Posted for Outdoor Wednesday, at A Southern Daydreamer, and Transformation Thursday, at Shabby Chic Cottage - thanks, Susan and Gina!


Kathleen said...

I think we all feel like that at one time or another!
I am used to being cooped up inside in the winter..but when it is above freezing, I do like you did..walk down to the beach and thank God I live in such a beautiful place!

Helena said...

I can go about two days being housebound, and then it doesn't matter what the weather is like I have to get outside and burn off some energy. The beach after a storm is my favourite place to be.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

I'm glad I came to visit! I love your blog - you live in a beautiful area of the country! I'm so envious of the pictures!! I'm also anxious to see your transformations on the chairs & bookcase!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I think we have all felt like that at one time or another. It us raining here today and I think it is suppose to tomorrow also. I woke up the the rumble of thunder.

Joops said...

We had rain too last week but this week is suppose to be sunny. all the snows are melted already.

Snow no More for Outdoor Wednesday.

Linda Jereb said...

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Mermaids Purse said...

Hello Heidi, I live in South Bay, California. I haven't been in your neck of the woods (haha)but it looks lush and beautiful. Your beach looks much like some of ours. I just go walking on the beach in the rain, no need to stay in. There is something refreshing about cold wet air, wind with a bit of a bite and waves slapping at your feet. My mind and senses become so involved in the surroundings I forget about everything and just enjoy the moment. Returning home becomes a treat...taking off wet clothes, lighting the fireplace to get warm, putting the kettle on for a spot of tea, and finally sitting down to pour over my finds from the beach. Sooo great! Don't get cabin fever my friend, just go out any way..promise, it'll be fun. Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon www.mermaidspurseseaglass.com

Mary said...

For whatever reason, I usually end up rearranging the pantry and dusting the book shelves. Your picture stream was wonderful and I'm glad you had a good weekend with the girls. You sound in better spirits. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed your pictures.
We have been stuck at home a lot this winter here in Iowa. I'm tired of laundry!
I want to spray paint something so bad, I can taste it!

Jeanette said...

We are expecting tons of rain that started about an hour ago. I go through my seed catalogs when I start feeling a little closed in. I so enjoy your blog.

Kathy said...

Heidi...You live in such a beautiful area!...the ocean so close.
We have snow up to our eye balls practically BUT!...we did have sunshine today! and that is a big deal for us...God Bless, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Isn't blogging great therapy?! I'm in the SF Peninsula, we've been getting hammered with down pours, thunder and lightening, and a bit of power loss.

I'm ready to build a boat...are glue sticks water resistant and when it dries is it boyant? ha!


Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

That's what it looks like here today - rainy and drab. Thanks for linking up!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Those pics are gorgeous BTW! :)

Ellen said...

those furniture pieces are beautiful treasures waiting to be discovered!

thanks for stopping by my blog!