Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Transformation at Heart and Home

Hello! Welcome back! It's so nice that you've come for a visit! I hope you are all happy and rested after the holidays, and ready for a little soul searching, cause that's what this post is about today for Transformation Thursday. If you  want to see projects go here (or scroll down to the last post.)  Otherwise,  don't be afraid! Read on. Decorating will have to wait for now.....

Since it's the still the beginning of the new year my mind's been on all the transformations I made last year on dirty-old stuff, turning things into new-looking, pretty stuff. (you can see some of those projects if you scroll down or go here.)  I've also been thinking about the things I want to transform about myself  this year. Because it is the time for resolutions after all. Even though I don't believe in them, and I never make any. What I do believe in is promises to myself, and dreams to hold on to, and thoughts to explore during 2010.

Here's a short list of things that I plan to think about for the rest of the year. (Or for this week at least! I will give it my best shot at any rate...)

1.  Wear my good pearl earrings. What are they sitting in the jewelry box for? They don't know the difference between being on my ears at the theatre, or in the grocery store. I'm going to take them out and enjoy them. Often. In fact, I'm wearing them now.

2. No more boring practical clothing, or any item of clothing bought because it's a good price and it's practical. I am sick of practical! I want to wear things that I love, that make me happy, and that make me look good! I've done practical my entire life and I'm done with it. Most of the time, anyway.

3. Eat more chocolate. Really good, rich, creamy, dark chocolate. The imported kind that costs a little bit more, but is so, so worth it! The kind that I will have to wait for, look for, and buy as a treat for myself. What I'm not going to do is eat anymore of that cheap junk that the kids get for Halloween, or the little pieces of candy that sit in bowls on receptionist's desks in the opticians office or at the dry cleaner's. In other words, I will treat myself to quality rather than quantity, and I will enjoy it! I know I can do this!

4. Stop saying "I shouldn't be ______________ this." Whether the blank is "eating" or "doing", "feeling" or "saying" I'm done apologizing for my choices. I'm going to make my choices more carefully,  and live with my decisions without second guessing them all the time.

5.  Play more often. I'm an adult who never really played as a kid. So I think it's time for me to have some fun. First I will need to find out what is fun to me, and that means I will have to try some new things. This will be interesting!

6. Laugh every day. There's always something funny to laugh at if you keep your eyes and ears open.

What to you think of my list? Have you made any new promises to transform yourself this year? I'd love to know! Your secrets are safe with me.

BTW- I promise next week will be full of all kinds of fun new things to see...right now we still have Christmas up all over this house. It will come down this weekend, and a new, sleek, minimalist Heart and Home will appear for a day or two (ha!).  Then I'll get to work transforming this place again for the rest of the winter. I'm on the lookout for a few items and I've got a pretty good list of projects ahead of me. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon.
Until next time

Posted for Transformation Thursday, at Shabby Chic Cottage. Thanks, Gina!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Heidi; I love your list... so realistic and doable. I have not made one yet, but a few of yours sound good to me... This year though I will get more of my projects done and not let them go .. And I will not say I will do it


Miss G said...

This is great and I especially love that first photo! Kelly

Stacey said...

I am in love with your list and I've had some similar thoughts myself.

The other day I decided to change up my wardrobe this year. Too many "just getting through the day" clothes hanging in my closet. Time for a change. :)

The White Farmhouse said...

Love your list. I should do a list like that too. I do want to become more active in our community this year. I also want to learn gardening and am joining the garden club. My youngest is 3 and will be going to school. I figure if I start now I should be well established in my "new me" by the time she hits school.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like a good list to me. I need to do some of those things.

Mama Byrd said...

Oh, I LOVE the list, especially the Pearls and clothes. Funny thing, we just spent the holidays with the Inlaws in SC and I made sure to bring all my jewelry I hadn't worn (being a stay at home mom)and clothes that were out of my comfort zone - bolder colors and prints - and had such a blast "dressing up" Glad you came by, now I can follow you!

Sandra said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment...I love your list of resolutions...I set new goals for myself every month so some are ongoing and some are one time only projects but it is nice to feel like I am making some sort of progress during the year.

Sandy said...


I'm going to join you . I just put my pearls on. Who cares if they don't match what I'm wearing maybe I need to change what I'm wearing.
These are great resolutions.

Sandy said...

Love your blog, I've just been checking it out. It'll definitely be bookmarked.

vignette design said...

I love your list! Works for me too. It's time to have fun, look good and enjoy life. --Delores