Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Frenzy at Heart and Home (part one)

After a very busy weekend I've finally had a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the results of all the hard work! We put up our tree and interior decorations, whew, what a whirlwind of activity and what a mess!

This small stack of boxes is just a fraction of the ones my poor Mr. HandH had to lug into the house, and then put back in the garage when the decorating frenzy was all over. Things are looking better now, and I don't know about you, but my vow to do it differently this year dissolved as soon as I opened the first box of ornaments.  At first I felt a little overwhelmed, but then I got into a sort of "Holiday decorating daze" and just went with it. Here's a little bit of the decorating I did to help ring in the holidays this year.  It seems I've come up with an over-the-top display for our living room mantel (to see what it looked like this Fall go here)!

I used some of my little angel garden statuary, greenery, white poinsettias, white pine cones, gold beads, holly from the garden, and of course candles. Around here it's not complete until there are candles!

We have little white lights strung up all over inside the house.

If you look closely you'll notice part of our 12' Christmas tree reflected in the mirror the angels are holding up.

I love the symbolism of the angels, and the white, and the bright candle light,  honoring this most magical time of year.

I'm looking forward to gathering my family together for an evening in front of the fireplace, candles lit,  nostalgic Christmas music playing softly in the background, for some quality "family time" - perhaps to play a rousing round of Clue or Uno.

But right now, after a day spent in the kitchen with my daughter baking batch after batch of cookies, I'm too tired to do anything but lay down on the couch with my feet up, to enjoy a few minutes of peace until the next whirlwind:  tomorrow, the second day of "baking frenzy".  Think I'll brew myself a nice cup of tea and try one or two of those cookies myself!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, thanks so much for stopping by! Please let me know you were here - I love it when you leave a comment! I'm joining in at 3 or More Tuesdays at The Gypsy's Corner (thanks, Tam!),  DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land (thanks, Kimba!) and White Wednesday at Faded Charm Cottage (hi, Kathleen!)

Until next time,


{ L } said...

This is gorgeous! You did a fabulous job.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Your mantel is beautiful! You did good. :)

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Heidi; I just love your photos,, they are so pretty... and how you decorated your mantel is so gorgeous... have fun with the cookies.....


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I love the mantel decorations! It's so soothing, the greens and whites and soft golds. Great job! And thanks for coming by to say hello to me. :) said...

Your Christmas decorating is gorgeous!!! Very festive.
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Janean said...

Heidi, beautiful mantel decor!! i too like the reflection in the mirror. :)

erin said...

your mantel is fabulous...nothing like gathering in front of a warm fire with the added holiday sparkle! thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments. nice to meet you!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Heidi, everything looks fabulous! You have done such a lovely job.

Barb ♥

My Carolina Kitchen said...

Your mantel with the angels is gorgeous. You get flying colors in decorating.