Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Fall Mantle-scape at Heart and Home

The leaves are changing and it's finally time for some fall decorating! (Even though it's 100 degrees out today, a freaky heat wave!)  This is how the mantle looked for the last months of summer.   I kept it simple, and used my big blue vases and a few of the little bird's nests which I found in our yard. (BTW - did you know "mantle" is also correctly spelled "mantel"? - very confusing if you ask me...)

I always like to start with a clean slate! I carefully wrapped and put away the bird's nests, and all the summer items went back into the storage closet.   The wood mantle and surround was cleaned and polished. Doesn't it look sad and lonely when it's empty? I think so.

Where do I begin? I don't like to get too carried away with a theme, but I wanted the new arrangement to say Fall.  I decided to use these big green candle holders, and keep the rest simple, because there is a lot going on in this room.  I always place the largest elements first. Then I fill in with the smaller items, and then I mess around with it for awhile. And then I go back and do it all over again. And again! I am always tweaking, and rearranging.  It can get a little tricky balancing everything, because my natural inclination when I'm decorating is for an asymmetrical design. I don't know why - could it be because I'm unbalanced? Hmmm....


I love these two rustic twig pumpkins - I found them at the drug store today, on sale of course. They were calling my name! The gourds and white pumpkins add a nice splash of fall color. Using some of my treasured old books in places other than the book shelf gets them out where they can be seen and enjoyed.

The large candle holders are from Pier One, a major steal . They have a lot of texture, and I like having two different sizes. I especially like their color, they go well with the wall color (although in these pictures the walls look white - they are actually a nice soft, mossy green.)

The curves in this ceramic urn create interesting negative spaces.

I'm still working on this wall! We have high ceilings in here, so I'm searching for some really interesting architectural salvage pieces for above the mirror, and I'd love to add candle sconces on each side. But everything happens in it's own time! I found the mantle surround in a little antique store, on one of those afternoons when I wasn't really shopping for anything. I just went to browse around, and there it was, the exact size we needed, a decent price, and it even fit in the back of my car. How could I say no?!

This is how it looked in here when we had just moved in, before we remodeled:

The original mantle was about 2 inches deep, so frustrating because I couldn't put much on it. And the tile surround was, well, I'll  be kind and just say, um, outdated......
The texture and color of the replacement mantle adds a lot of interest to the space. Okay, I went back and tweaked and rearranged a bit more....


I think this new look is much better, don't you agree? Of course, once I finished bringing my mantle-scape into Fall, I had to redo the rest of the room. I  did a little rearranging and added Fall accessories. The trunk hasn't been in this room since that before picture was taken 8 years might remember seeing it here, when it was in the family room, before I replaced it with the new-to-us coffee table.

Before: (Summer)

After: (Fall!)


                             I love the textures in these pieces:

This is one of my oldest paper-mache' trays, which I borrowed from the wall in the kitchen. It was perfect for this spot:                                    

At last, I believe I am done with this project!! I'll leave it like this, for a few weeks anyway. Then I'll put up some Halloween decorations - because around here it doesn't feel like Halloween until there are some scary ghosts lurking...


Happy Fall,  and thank you very much for stopping by! I love to hear from you, leave a comment! Thanks Susan, at BNOTP, for Metamorphosis Monday!  And thanks also to Sherri, at  The Shades of Pink!

Okay kiddies, it's time for the big announcement

In honor of my two month blogging anniversary I 'm having a giveaway!

Two months blogging might not seem like a long time to those of you who have been at this for years, but as you've been getting to know me (tech challenged, to say the least), I've been very dedicated to learning new blogging skills, and I've been excited 
to have met so many kind, talented, funny, clever new friends. I wanted to mark the day with something special.

So,  if you're interested in getting in on the fun and fabulous drawing for free goodies, please leave me a comment. If you leave a comment and become a member you get extra credit (you'll be entered twice!) - if you're already a member( yay, thank you!) mention it in your comment, and you'll be entered twice! This week each day you leave me a comment you'll be entered in the drawing, and I'll announce the winner next week, on Monday, October 5th. I'll show you the prizes in my next post (you'll like them!). Thanks again for stopping by, and come back soon!
Until next time,


Sheri said...

looks really nice!

I have a linky party going on over at my place, check it out!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I love the before/after shot of your living room. Both are beautiful and now I want to get my rear in gear and Fall-ify my place!

Maureen said...

I think that's a wonderful seasonal transformation. I think the fall mantlescape looks very rich. Please post the spooky look too!

Congratulations on blogging for 2 months. I'm one month behind you, It takes me twice as long as it should to compose a post and I'm sure I spend far too long reading so many other interesting blogs! I think your blog looks very polished, and I would have thought you had been blogging for much longer!

Cheers, Maureen

Brenda said...

I absolutely love that trunk! So pretty. And the fireplace mantel "after" is gorgeous! Love the engraving in the wood.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Your fireplace mantel...the wood and it's intricate carvings are gorgeous! The vignette is really pretty and I love the rustic twig pumpkins! ~Rhonda :)

Alicia said...

Hi Heidi,
Ok...first, I am already a member, I'm commenting and I was also your first button Thanks so much for returning the favor and posting mine as well! Hugs!

I gotta say, I love the way that chest brought fall into the room, it's gorgeous. I love that last little picture of the pumpkin love, so sweet. Happy 2 month anniversary, the best is yet to be!

Anonymous said...

Love your mantel- wow the wood detailing is just gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job with the vignette on top- I have a hugely long mantel that keeps me stumped at all times!


Rue said...

Hi Heidi :)

Your mantel looks beautiful! The whole room does in fact :)

Thank you for leaving me such a sweet comment!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Love how you are able to change things up by rearranging things you already own and then getting a few other items on sale. I have no storage space around here. It's nice to be able to use pillows and accessories to change with the season. Love the before and afters, the Summer and Fall looks. I have so much stuff already out, that no one would really notice if I tried to decorate for Fall! HA! Have a great day!

nannykim said...

Oh, I love what you have done---love the warmth of the box for a coffee table and the mantle is so much nicer than the old one. I love the addition of the tray to the mantel area (notice I spelled it both ways!!--I am a horrible speller and I have read a lot of old English books and more modern English ones and the spelling confusion that results is great!). Anyways I just wanted to add that your mirror and mantel are so nice that the beautiful wood looks nice even when the mantle is empty! (I have a few blogs and my meta transformation is on my spindle cottage blog)

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Hi Heidi~ ~Thanks for stopping by and for the hints about pie baking.
Your mantle is the perfect color for fall decorating, it looks great!

Chloe said...

What a pretty living room, it must be lovely to enjoy your family's company by the fire on a cold fall evening. I enjoyed exploring your blog; it is so homey and welcoming, it makes me envious of your friends and family that benefit from your hospitality and sweet disposition every day. Your personality is present in every part of your home, which is why it is so special. Thank you for sharing!

Embellished Bayou said...

I love the fall mantle, great mixture of colors and textures. Good job!

Sheri said...

Thanks for linking to me! If you think of it link back so others can find the Room A Month. Thanks!

Deb said...

Hi Heidi
Congratulations on your 2 month blog anniversary! I would love to be entered into your giveaway ~ I am having one too in celebration of 3 years :-) hope you stop by & visit.

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on our blog! We love your new Fall look! Congrats on your 2 month blog anniversary!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Love the little subtle changes! and Congrats on 2 months!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Yipppeee! A giveaway! Gosh, I sure love them...and isn't a Two Month Anniversary a great reason? :-) I've only been at this since January...although my profile says April 2008 or something....I signed up and then couldn't get with it. Congratulations to you and welcome to this wonderful bloggie land. The women here are sooooo wonderful. I'm delighted and blessed to be part of it.


Sue said...

Heidi, So nice to meet a new blogger and new visitor to my site! You are doing extremely well for a newbie and you have some good ideas that you put into play. We all have our inner strengths and talents, and I'd say that you have more than a few... Congrats on your 2 months of blogging. I will sign on as a follower to see what inspiration you can give me. We're always looking for some, aren't we? *grin*
Where in the redwoods are you? We drove up the coast as far as Eureka a few years back. Beautiful country! But it sure was rainy while we were there...
:-) Sue

Chari said...

Hello Heidi...

What a fabulous post, my friend! I loved seeing all the beautiful seasonal transformations in your gorgeous home!!! Ohh yes...autumn is my favorite season! Besides the cooler temps...I love the rich, warm colors and all those titillating autumnal textures!!! Your mantel is a perfect example of why I love autumn!!! Fabulous, my friend!

This is my first visit to your have a delightful blog!!! Congratulations on your second month of blogging! I would love for you to enter me in your gift giveaway! I am also becomming a follower and look forward to your upcoming posts and getting to know you!

So very nice to meet you, Heidi!!!
Warmest wishes,

Marie said...

Hello Heidi - congratulations on your two month blogging adventure! I'm a happy follower!
I really love your before/after photos.


pretty*pink*rat said...

Heidi, Congrats on two months! I love the transformation from summer to fall! I'm still working on transforming from "still in boxes" to "unpacked". :)