Monday, August 10, 2009

The Master Bath

I'm taking you on a slow tour of my home. For our next stop you will get a peek at our master bathroom. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, though you can see that I'm not done yet. Still have that darned trim painting to do. I keep hoping the painting fairies will show up one night while I'm sleeping and do it for me! Hasn't happened yet, but I'm giving them some more time. This room came together by knocking out a few walls and taking a rabbit's warren of dinky rooms and turning them into one nice sized space. We are so lucky that we were able to do it, we also added space by digging into some space under the house, and added on the pop-out area, which is where the tub sits. (It's the same space upstairs in the kitchen, where the table and chairs are.) I love the color of the walls "Atlantic" by Martha Stewart. The tile is limestone, oooh I love it. Mr. H&H insisted on a large "man-sized" shower space, not that he's a giant or anything. He just likes to fling his arms around when he takes a shower, I guess!

I love this even more!! I chose these iridescent mosaic tiles because they reminded me of sea glass, which is one of my favorite things in the world. Then I picked the paint color to compliment the glass. You see, I did get some of the trim painted. Good girl!

Okay, this is my giant-sized space: the tub. I thought I'd be lounging in it every night, treating myself to beauty baths and luxuriating in bubbles. Turns out it takes so long to fill the darn thing that I rarely use it, isn't that awful? But, when I do decide it's worth it to drain the entire house of every drop of hot water, and I have an extra 30 minutes to wait while it fills up, well it's quite lovely to sit in there and poach a little. It took 4 burly guys to carry her in the house - very heavy cast iron. So, when the hot water goes in it stays hot for awhile. And the view is pretty spectacular from here, too.

Do you know what keeps peace in a marriage? His and her sinks and bathroom cabinets!! I'm not kidding about that. (P.S. My cabinet is bigger than his, naturally!)

That's it. Too bad all my "before" pictures of this space were accidentally thrown away. How did that happen, anyway? Suffice it to say the place was in dire need of modernizing and cleaning. The shower was 2.5 x 2.5 square. The sinks were in the bedroom behind a weird kind of half wall, and the "walk-in closet" could barely be walked into. Oh, it wasn't pretty......but now I think it is!
See you next time!

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Pat said...

Absolutely beautiful!! LOVE the shower and I'm sure the tub is delightful when you have the time to relax.