Thursday, September 23, 2010

Qui me Heart and Home

This brass bell
hangs on a post just outside our side door.

It's big and loud, and, when rung, can really get a crowd's attention!

The inscription in Latin, reads: "Vocem meam audi, qui me tangit".

Which loosely translated means: "Whoever touches me hears my voice."
That's right,  I can read Latin. *

It's true, just the slightest tug on the chain sets this bell in motion.
The clapper rings loud and true on the brass.
The entire valley can probably hear it.

This is a reproduction, possibly of a ship's bell.
We use it to call our guests in from the side yard.

Our croquet games out there can get a little rowdy,
 and my delicate voice isn't loud enough to get every one's attention.

But, the bell never fails.
When people hear it, they come running.
The clanging means "Dinner is served!"

Rowers, dragons, and an angel were used as decorative elements.
The angel seems to be a sentinel, keeping watch.
She sees everyone coming and going, in and out of our home.
She's been keeping guard here for over 10 years.
She's seen a lot.
If she could talk I wonder what she'd say?

Above, I noticed the Japanese maple is changing colors.
This is the coldest spot on the property,
and the first to show signs of the new season.

Soon all the leaves on this tree will have turned red,
and then, it takes just one or two days for them all to fall to the ground.

All the branches will be bare.

Fall is here, winter on the way.
Another cycle of nature, complete.

"Alius curcumtitus natura perficio". *

 And, because it's Show and Tell, I'll show off a little:
 "Il ciclo della natura, completo."
Parlo un po d' Italiano.

Until next time,

*To translate your own phrases into latin, go HERE. It's fun!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your bell is just fabulous. What an unusual piece. Love the angel and the latin sayings. How fun. Hugs, Marty

Dawn said...


Jemsmom said...

What a beautiful unique piece! My granny had a big traingle that she would use. I can still hear it and remember when I got big enough, I got to ring it! Love your maple turning. None of that here yet. We have a while to go, but soon!

Allison said...

I love that bell and the angel keeping watch over you and the house. I also love playing croquet! Fun to hear that people still play it. I was thinking the same thought today about the seasons changing by looking at our maple tree. Have a great weekend, Heidi.

Pinky said...

Love your bell, it is beautiful! We have my husband's grandmother's bell from their farm. It is wonderful to have!!!

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

The Blackwood Cottage said...

I've always wanted a bell to ring for the kids when they are out playing. So sweet, the photos are beautiful too!

Jane said...

It is a terrific bell - much better than the old cow bell my mother used to ring for us to come in from the neighborhood at suppertime when we were kids! She would stand on the porch and shake it....and it could be heard up and down the entire block.

And, I am oh-so-envious of the beautiful color you are beginning to get on the Japanese Maple!

vignette design said...

I need a bell like that! I'll bet it is very loud! Although, I don't really have any more kids to call for dinner....Still, it's just beautiful.

Nancy's Notes said...

What an incredible bell, and that angel is just awesome.

Enjoy your day~

Judith said...

what a fabulous bell and certainly unique - Judith (Precious Moments)

Pat said...

Love your blog! Just found it, and I plan to spend alot of time here catching up. You have beautiful photos, and enjoy you subject matter. I am sure you will be entertaining me for hours to come!

Karen, aka "Kitten" said...

Being a word nerd myself, I loved your Latin and Italian references. Don't hesitate to sprinkle them in again, 'kay? Blessings on your day!

Diane said...

Gorgeous bell!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Love your bell!
Have a great weekend.

Vanessa said...

Hi Heidi! Thank you so much for joining the party today! I absolutely love this post and that bell is wonderful with all of its history! I cracked up about the croquet because we have some pretty crazy rounds of that ourselves at our house! :-) So fun to meet new folks here in blogland and I just became one of your new "Followers"!

michelle said...

What a beautiful bell! I love things like this and how cool that you use it to call everyone! You have a beautiful home!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! I am your newest follower/friend!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

This brought back a great memory. We had a "dinner bell" at our summer lake place when I was growing up. It wasn't nearly as beautiful or interesting as yours!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Heidi, that is such a great piece. Ashamed we can't hear it on here.

Beach Vintage said...

I Love that "Who ever touches me hears my voice" - thats a really nice quote.

Patty M said...

What a beautiful story your bell tells. I'm sure the one your family likes to hear says simply, "Come and get it!" Have a wonderful week, Patty btw...I've moved over to Typepad. Hope you'll stop by. Patty

Anonymous said...

I have a bell just like that, but we're missing the ring to hold the bell to the bar. We're also not sure if there's supposed to be a clapper inside the bell, or if it gets hit but the dragon, or what? We're trying to figure out how to get the missing pieces made up.

Stan said...

My wife and I bought the very same bell at an antique shop in Medford, NJ recently. I just mounted it to a post just outside our rear yard gate today. Then I figured I'd go online and try to find out what it said and found you. Perfect...Thank you.

Jack said...

We have the same bell at our cottage near Tobermory, Ontario. Looked up the inscription and came across yours. It is nice and loud, just the thing to sound dinner.


John from Sydney Australia said...

I also have the same bell. Bought it at an antique shop on my way to Melbourne when I was 18yrs old, I,m 61 now and still have it. It will hang next to the front door of the house we have just bought and moved into last Wednesday. Although I have no intention of selling it,I would love to know its worth