Monday, June 14, 2010

The New-To-Me Bookcase, Finally! at Heart and Home

Hey all! Did you think I had fallen of the face of the earth?
 Well, no. It's just been very busy around here the past few days.
Got the youngest through her middle school celebrations
and off on her East Coast class trip,
and despite migraines the past four days  
 I finally finished something I've been working on for a long time.

Inspired by this at Ikea:

I purchased this at Goodwill:

Because I couldn't handle these stacked under the hall table in the entry anymore:

or loaded up in this basket:

Or smooshed in the wicker etagere in the living room:

Things had gotten out of hand in this book loving household!

Way out of hand.

I did a little rearranging, and moved the Dr Seuss plant out.

and moved the palm and the vintage wash-stand over here:

from here, where the new-to-me book case moved in.

On this lovely, blank wall in the living room.

But first I had to gather all the books:

and straighten out what was staying put:

and bring this baby in to the house (easier said than done, I can tell you that.)
Thanks to my strong and determined husband, the shelves are in place,
with only minor damage to the paint and no pulled muscles.



I've got an improved reading spot.

And a much improved living room!

With room to expand, because there are four shelves just waiting for books!
I think the room looks very grown up now, don't you agree?

Now, it's on to the office, which is overflowing with more books, books, books.
But that's a project for another day.
Today I'm going to enjoy the grown-up living room, and have a little sit-down in my reading chair, with a new book and a cup of tea.
It's the grown-up thing to do!

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Until next time,
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38 comments: said...

Wow that looks great!! I think even better than your inspiration. You must be loving it!! Great job.


Van said...

Ah, I LOVE your reading spot. Thanks for sharing the journey, everything turned out beautifully! And that awesome bookshelf- quite an amazing Goodwill find!

vignette design said...

Hi Heidi,
That bookshelf turned out great! I think what you and I need in our lives is a library! Sounds like you have as many books as I do and they're scattered everywhere. I have boxes in the garage to send to Goodwill which just kills me to do. Anyway, you have more room for more books now! Tonight is my book club and I haven't read the book. Too much computer time!
Hope your migraines are gone.

kim said...

Heidi, that bookcase is great. I love it painted white. You must have tons of books. I don't have that many. That really does look great in your room and I like the way you put the chair in front of it.

Green Willow Pond said...

Wow, it's beautiful! It's amazing what a little paint and good old fashioned elbow grease will do.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Your reading spot looks fantastic! That's one awesome transformation. I love wood but that piece was just waiting for you to paint it.

Decorchick! said...

This looks awesome!! Love the trim work! Great job!!!

James said...

WEll done! I love that you thrifted it.

Rose H (UK) said...

What a fabulous transformation Heidi. Your home looks lovely,but the bookcase certainly adds to your fabulous room. Thank you for the inspiration and sharing.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

It looks fabulous.....I have more book shelves than any one person should but they make me so long as I am surrounded by books I am a happy camper

Gypsy Heart said...

You really scored on this one! I love it painted and on the wall you chose. Looks very professional and 'grown up' ~ :-) Seriously, you have books like I have books! A lot of mine are still packed away as I don't have a built-in bookcase like I did and oh, do I miss it! Everything looks wonderful.

So sorry about the migraines...I do know how that feels. Are you drinking lots of water? Just a suggestion...

Take care, enjoy your reading spot and relax for awhile, ok?


Claudia said...

What a difference a coat of paint makes! A truly wonderful transformation, Heidi. Our house is overflowing with books as well. It is as if they multiply during the night!



That is a great makeover! No one would ever guess you got those shelves at goodwill. Bravo!

sewingseeds4U said...

I could kick myself...I had one of those book cases. Never saw what you did. It looks amazing. Great job.

D said...

Great job! You found a perfect place for it, too. :)


Neabear said...

Your transformation looks awesome! I love the cute reading spot you have now. I can see myself falling asleep over a book there because I would be so relaxed. LOL! Enjoy your new spot!!


Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

Heidi, this turned out wonderful!! the added molding to the bookcase and then the paint...perfect! Now I want to go through all your books and sneak a few out! LOL

Have a wonderful day!

Sheila said...

Heidi - I'm so inspired by your transformation of the bookcase. It looks absolutely amazing. Thanks for the idea - now to find something I can paint! I sure have the books...

Jemsmom said...

That is an absolute dream! It is perfect there! I love how you have it organized. I had so many books like you and I actually donated a ton to our local library. I hadn't built our bookshelf yet, now I wish I had kept more!! I have a gazillion children's books! That's what being a school teacher will do to you! Can't give those away!

Your reading area is perfect. The white is so clean and neat and you have the touch with organizing it! Beautiful!

Joyce said...

Heidi once again you took a toad and made it into a Prince Charming. Love the new bookcase.

Daisy Cottage said...



What a find, what a transformation, what a cozy and inviting spot.

Love it.


Julia said...

I found your link at The Gypsy's Corner and WOW your bookcase is wonderful! I love how it turned out. Great job!!


Kelee Katillac said...

Looks great Heidi! SOOO functional!

Pinky said...

I just love the new bookcase, and it looks fabulous painted white! What a wonderful reading spot you have now. YES, it does look more grown up now:):) XO, Pinky

claudia b said...

That bookcase looks great! I'm going to move around some of my smaller bookcases so thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I am not one of those paint everything white people. But your transformation made a huge, wonderful difference.
I am envious of your great organized space and comfortable reading area.
I did a post this past week about getting kids to read this summer.

Debbie @ said...

HEIDI! It looks amazing. I love the white...and I'm one who does paint most things white! hahaha...your transformation is just beautiful. You did a great job making that book case over and then decorating it. Wow! I bet you smile every time you walk in that room and see it!
Just wonderful.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

It looks great! Amazing what paint can do!!

Brandy said...

Wow, that is amazing!!

Stephanie Cameron said...

Wow!! Looks great!

Sonia said...

That bookshelf looks amazing!!! Great job!!

Miss Bloomers

Shari @ My Cottage of Bliss said...

Your new bookcase looks incredibly chic with the new paint job. It never ceases to amaze me how much a couple coats of paint can improve and rejuvinate an old, tired piece of furniture! I know you are going to enjoy filling up all that extra space you have now. :)

Prior said...

It is great! The paint and your hard work transformed it. Lezlee

Shelia said...

Love your newly painted bookshelves! They are so nice and look fabulous in your home! I know you'll be enjoying this piece for a long time.
be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Susan said...

Your book case transformed beautifully! Good Work!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Wow! From dated to fabulous! What a great cozy spot. What are you going to read first?

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Honestly impressive! You have some super vision!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog from My Romantic Home. I love the bookcase , it turned out great. Also I love the curtains in the picture, I was wondering where you get them?