Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Bling at Heart and Home

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My birthday was almost one month ago. But that didn't stop me from celebrating it again a few days ago.
My girlfriend and I agree that the birthday girl gets to decide when the celebrating stops!
So I said "Party on!"
She took me to lunch and showered me with gifts.

We ate outside under an umbrella and watched the world go by as we sipped our Arnold Palmers.
We can really get crazy like that!
I had a delicious seared ahi salad, and an even more delicious dessert. It was a beautiful Tiramisu, with HAPPY BIRTHDAY written in chocolate on the edge of the plate.
Then the waiters sang happy birthday to me - the 39 year old.

I was willing to let that little white lie slip, but I don't think they were fooled for a second.
They were nice enough to pretend with me for awhile!
Not that I'd go back to that age, but still, I'd love to go back to the weight I was at that age.
And back to the wrinkle-free me.


These are some of the pretty gifts from my friend.  I told you she spoiled me!  How lucky am I?
I love and adore them, and had to share them with you.
Get a load of that bracelet. It's so understated!!

Some might argue that it isn't sensible to wear something like that at my age, but I disagree.
It's the perfect amount of sparkly and blingy for me!
The little box has it's own bling, and pictures of beautiful roses and the Eiffel tower, which I love and adore as well.

From now on, I'll keep these in the box, in their own little velvet bag.

This ring and earrings belonged to my very fashionable Mother. I remember playing dress up in them when I was tiny.
Now, they belong to me.  I wear them whenever the mood strikes, which would make my mom happy.
She loved her jewelry, and she loved looking her best.
She never wore jeans, and always had on high-heeled shoes, even when she climbed the pyramids in Mexico.

I did a little research and found out these pieces were manufactured by Castle Cliff, probably in the early 50's.
This jewelry, "sold in only the finest department stores, was impeccably produced in bold yet startlingly intricate designs." The company produced jewelry from 1918 - 1977, when the Lucien Piccard
company purchased it.

If I know my mom, these pieces matched the perfect dress, shoes, gloves, and handbag.
Now, I wear them with my jeans and t-shirts, and my pearl necklace and chunky chains.

They are so me, and I like knowing I'm wearing something "Bold Yet Startlingly Intricate".

I think those words describe me to a "T"!!

My husband would most likely agree, especially the "startlingly intricate" part.
Although he would probably call it something else...
Until next time,

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Debbie said...

Beautiful gifts...your birthday celebration sounded like mine....long and happy! Happy belated birthday.

kabrockwell said...

Gorgeous pieces. Happy Birthday. I found your blog from a friend of mine. Love it. How old are you anyway? I'm 48 and love anyone over "39'. Makes me feel like I am in good company!

Bella said...

Hi Heidi.. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you had a wondeful celebration :-) The jewelry that was your mothers is beautiful... love the colors:-)
Happy Pink Saturday!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Happy Birthday!!

Good Grief!! That bracelet is to die for!!

What beauties your Mom's jewelry pieces are!!



Lori E said...

I love vintage jewelry. Your pieces are fabulous. Do you have any photos of your mother wearing them? You should keep a copy of the pic with the jewelry.
Your friend must know your personality well. Hence the lovely "understated" bracelet.
Keep the party going. Happy Birthday girl.

Olivia~ said...

Hello! Your jewelry is darling and Happy Birthday to you! Please stop by and say hi! Happy Pink Saturday!

Kelee Katillac said...

Wonderful birthday for sure! I adore the earrings and ring of your moms! So lovely--the!

Happy Pink Saturday Heidi!

love, kelee

Sue said...

All of your jewelry pieces are just sooooo cool! How wonderful to wear your Mom's stuff "your" way.

Melissa said...

Very pretty bling!! I am totally envious...

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm all about the bling! So glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration with your friend ~ the gifts she showered upon you are just gorgeous. I know your mom's jewelry is so very special and I'm glad that you wear it ~ dressed to a T. :-)