Monday, May 17, 2010

For the Birds at Heart and Home

I had some time to start and even finish a few projects around here this weekend! I love it when I can mark something off my list.

Are you like me? Do you have lists and lists of things you hope to accomplish?

If a project you just finished wasn't already on the list, do you add it to the list just so you can cross it off? That, my dears, is what I call "list obsession".  And I've got it, BAD!!

Anyway, one of the things on my list was to turn these:

Into this:

Which I did by using this:

Gorilla glue is every one's go-to glue! It's pretty tough stuff! I bought some to try since we had never used it before.

In addition to the plate and bowl which I found at the drug store for $1 apiece, I purchased  a 4 foot length of 1/2" copper pipe and an end cap to fit.  I glued the end cap to the center of the plate

Then my husband clamped it together for me for about one hour.

Then we glued the footed bowl to the plate, and when the glue was dry I popped the whole thing onto the pipe (that's what the end cap is for).
A super easy, and instantly gratifying project. The birds were dining at their new cafe' in a few hours.
The drying and waiting took the longest, and waiting is always hardest for me!

I think this is a cute addition to the front garden.
The birdies like it, too!
I've seen scrub-jays, robins, and tiny little finches eating their dinner here just in the last few hours.

Mission accomplished, and crossed off the list!

An urgent request, which my friend Kelee Katillack asked me to share with you regarding the oil spill on the gulf coast:
Will you join me in a 30 minute on-line prayer and positive energy vigil this Wednesday night? All you have to do is send your thoughts out, during this time, for a Divine solution to this global emergency... for more information go to the Katillac Shack and read Kelee's post.

I will be joining Kelee in the vigil on Wednesday, and hope you will also find a way to participate. Together, I believe we can make a difference!

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Thanks Kimba, Kimm and Leigh!

Until next time,


Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) said...

Very VERY cute! And gorilla glue is the best.

Andrea said...

You are quite talented. This bird feeder is gorgeous!

Stacey said...

Heidi, that looks great! I saw someone else do this recently and thought that it would make a wonderful gift. I love the plate and bowl that you picked.

vignette design said...

Your birds are not only going to love their gourmet feast, but will be dining in style! Very cute feeder! Great DIY Heidi!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

so cute...wish I could get some projects inspired me.

Debbie said...

Your bird feeder turned out so cute Heidi. I am so glad my little tea cup one was an inspiration for you. Yours turned out great!~ I like the wide bowl, fits more seed for those little guys. Have a great nightt:)

Jemsmom said...

Now that is just too cute!!!

sewingseeds4U said...

I really love this project. I know I will giving it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

Chris said...

Wonderful project, which I must immediately duplicate! Now, if I can only find a plate & bowl as darling as yours...

Love that gorilla glue!

Gypsy Heart said...

Great idea! Looks so cute ~


Pinky said...

How cute!!! Love this!! XO, PInky

Kifus said...

Before I star reading a post I usually have a quick look at the pictures and then start reading. In my mind I saw a whiskey bottle and a small tumbler and thought you were showing us how you celebrated after you completed your DIY project!

It turned out beautifully Heidi! I also love crossing out things on my to do list!

Have a great day!

Riet said...

That is a cute idea Heidi. And yes I make lists and like you I out it on the list even when I have done. One less thing to go.
Have a nice day

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Your bird feeder is adorable! Such a fun pop of color for the garden!


You crafty girl... that is so darling. I bet the birdies just love it.

Ashley said...

Too COOL!!! I love how cute this turned out! I totally need one of these for my yard!! Great job!

Kristin said...

Cutest bird feeder ever! What a brilliant idea!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Heidi...

I just read your sweet note and had to come over, my friend! You just made my day with your sweet words...thank you sooo much!!! How very kind and generous of you! You know, I am sooo blessed and just hope to be a blessing back to others! God is GOOD!!!

My friend, I will certainly be praying along with you, Kylee, and countless others tonight for the Lord's divine intervention concerning this travesty! And...I am just heartsick for the families of those that lost their lives in this oil rig accident! I pray that the Lord sends His comfort to each of them!

Well, on a lighter note. I really do love your pretty little bird eatery!!! Those polka dots are just happy...aren't they? Anyway, you did a fabulous job creating this...I love it!!! I need to do something like this at my place...I really enjoy watching all the sweet birds! Well done, my friend!!! You're so creative and talented! Thanks for sharing your project and tutorial with us!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

One Life Many Journeys said...

Nothin' like dining in style! Very clever! Visiting from Heart and Home.