Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday Morning at Heart and Home

Hi There! If you've been visiting me for awhile now, you might remember this. If not, I hope you'll enjoy one of my favorite posts, from August 2009. This is a lovely way to take time for myself on a quiet morning! (Not that there are many of those around here!) Thank you, Chari, for hosting Sunday Favorites, at Happy to Design.

On some early mornings, especially the gray, misty ones, there's nothing better than heading back downstairs, to spent a little quiet "me" time after everyone else has left the house for the day.

I've fixed myself a tray for a light breakfast,

I'll fill it up with all the essentials to keep me comfortable for the next few hours: hot tea, soft-boiled egg, croissant, fresh fruit, and of course a flower from the garden.


The lace-edged napkin, table runner, and silk place mat make me feel pretty important this morning!

I'll relax against the small silk pillow and the overstuffed, lavender toile bolsters and pillows - they help make a cozy spot even more comfortable.

This is a lovely way to start the day!

I'm going to snuggle in, enjoy my breakfast, and then get down to the serious business of re-reading one of my favorite books:

I'll enjoy this tranquil few hours, until it's time to join the real world again, and start in with the day's chores.

Unless, of course I decide to turn out the light and take a little nap.....
(You can see my other favorite spot to take a little nap here.)

Back to today: How do you spend your "alone time"? I'd love to know. We all have our own ways of taking care of ourselves. If you're like me it's often hard to justify taking time just for myself, when so many other things are screaming for attention. But it's important to take care and pamper ourselves just a little, don't you agree? Everyone needs a break from routine and daily tasks. Besides, the chores will always be there, waiting for us, when we're done with our little break from reality! So, I say - enjoy the peace and tranquility for a few minutes, and then get right back into "real life"!

Thank you for stopping by! I've got some fun projects coming up, and this year Spring will be full of surprises. If you want to see other tablescapes you can look here, here or at another pretty one here.

I hope you'll come see me again, soon.
Until next time,


kim said...

Heidi, what a special and pretty place to chill. I just love that napkin ring. Haven't seen one like it before. I hope you are having a good spring day. Gorgeous here today. I was able to mow the weeds in the yard. lol Have a good rest of the weekend.

Jemsmom said...

What a lovely post!! Makes me want to take a break! I am cleaning and purging the house now so I can't really remember the last alone/me time I have had! I need to do it more, but there are so many things to do. I have started though, stopping what I am doing to just play with Jemma for a while. There are some days I get nothing done, but pretend to be Eric to her Ariel, a teacher, or a swing pusher. She will only be little for so long and I try to enjoy every minute of that! Check out my latest post to see what my sweet baby sang! Enjoy your Sunday!

Flory said...

lovely post=) have a beautiful Sunday!=)

Heidi said...

My alone time comes when I can sit at the computer after the kids go to bed, or I like to read on the couch while my girls play in the backyard. I love your little relaxing spot! It looks so inviting, and comfy!

Treasia Stepp said...

Beautiful post. It looks so quiet, peaceful and relaxing. I know that you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, what a lovely place to relax! looks so pretty....Kathy

Martha said...

Love your "me" space -- and what a great breakfast tray! All my favorites! (And because of that I'm having a boiled egg for Sunday breakfast!)

I have favorite "haunts" at Linderhof . . . . one of which is the breakfast room -- yesterday we got to watch the spring snow falling!!!!!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh wow! that's some FANCY alone time! I usually spend mine in a recliner with my WI Badgers throw piled on top of me.

Tracy F. said...

Such a lovely post to come across on this gloomy Sunday morning. My "me" time occurs right after lunch every day. I take a nap, for as long as I want to! Even have a special pillow and blanket, just for the occasion. That's pure bliss for me...

Pat said...

Such a beautiful, peaceful space for relaxing! I love the bed tray too ~ have always wanted one. Wondering why I don't have one?? :-)

Thank you for sharing! It snowed here yesterday & last night...our first day of spring in north Texas. Can you believe it? Ok, back to packing!


RainGardener said...

What a beautiful setting - how can you not relax?
I've found that many women feel the need to be busy all of the time. For myself I've always found that I HAD to have my quiet time to myself just to stay sane and sometimes civil! Just staring at the walls after a hard day at work. Or doing that anytime of day has helped me make it. Now pampering myself is fun too.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Heidi...

Ohhh my friend, if I had this kind of a fabulous place to spend some alone "me" time...I'm afraid you would never get me to leave! Seriously!!! Heidi, what a lovely place...Ohh, I just love all of those gorgeous pillows...especially the pretty lavender toile! I have never seen a lavender toile's breathtaking!!! And...your breakfast tray is sooo beautiful! I'm loving all of those pretty purples...oooh! Yes, a cup of hot tea...that gorgeous lace napkin with fresh flowers...and a little breakfast...all topped off with that lovely book...simply divine!!! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely breakfast tray and special place with us today for Sunday Favorites...this was a real treat!!!

I also followed your link to your master bedroom. Heidi, it's gorgeous! Your home is sooo very beautiful! Again, thank you for sharing it with us!

Have a super Sunday, my friend...and thank you so much for joining in with Sunday Favorites!

Chari @Happy To Design

Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen said...

Hello there,

Oh my!~ I am enraptured with pure delight!..,What an absolutely lovely room, replete with breakfast tray, a cozy daybed piled with cushions and a favorite book! I was absolutely delighted when I saw your post dear lady!~ How cozy!

I'm tucked away in my little 'snuggery', as I type this comment to you my dear!.., There is a day bed with an array of chintz plates arranged over the top of the day bed, and I am happily ensconced in the actual bed, with a cream, ornate head board..,

Three of the lampshades are red and two others are golden-creamy tones; there are two extra cozy upholstered chairs, a dressing table and an armoire; and all under the eaves.~ This room is a guestroom and so cozy!

This is my second week participating with dear Chari's,'Sunday Favorites' meme; do plese pop by for a visit my dear.

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

P.S. ~ Do also feel most welcome to visit and/or toparticiapte with my 23rd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', blog party meme, held on Tuesdays at my blog.

Pinky said...

Today was day 6 for us of raking, blowing and haulking leaves and debris but we are DONE!!!!!!!!! Finally!!! So, I haven't had ANY me time in over a week but I either read or shop when I DO get a break! XO, Pinky

Debbie said...

I do not think I would get much done with such a pretty little space to call my own:) I love the napkin ring...I collect tea pots and have never seen any napkin rings like that:) Happy Monday:) Debbie

Rose H (UK) said...

What a lovely way to start the day - you make me quite jealous!

Carmie, the Single Nester said...

Gifts from the Sea is one of my favorite books. Enjoy it!