Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lunch and a Free Concert at Heart and Home

Today is the first day of Fall! The weather around here has been so gorgeous, yesterday my daughter and I took some time out of an afternoon of window shopping to have lunch by the sea. We took our food and sat by the ocean for awhile.

We had a lot of company as we sat and enjoyed the sunshine and the cool, refreshing breezes.

There were plenty of people setting up camp for the day out on the sand, and many children in the icy water playing in the surf.

For awhile we were entertained by this colorful fellow, who sat down on the bench next to ours, and played his harmonica. His music made a soundtrack for all the activity around us.

It was relaxing, and the creative, lively music enhanced our experience while we sat and observed the comings and goings all around us.

Even the birds seemed to be enjoying themselves, as they flew closer and closer to our wandering minstrel.

Pigeons and seagulls aren't intimidated by anyone or anything!  Sometimes I think they'd like to participate in all the activities around them.

I know some of them had their eyes on our lunch!


Posted by PicasaOur food was too delicious to share with the birds.  Besides, pizza's not good for them!


It was a very pleasant way to spend an hour. We left refreshed, recharged, and ready to shop! Although it wasn't the plan, I'm so glad to have my daughter home for one more year. She's fabulous! It's been hard on her, and I hope her disappointment doesn't linger.  Taking time to do things together will make the most of the rest of our time together this year. I think things work out for the best in most cases -  and hope she'll see it that way, too. How we respond to disappointments and set-backs show our true character, don't you agree? And, at least she can spend one more year in the company of me, her amazing mom!
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Riet said...

Your photo's are all so lovely. It must be so nice to have a daughter to go out with. I only have four sons but 2 granddaughters with whom I go shopping now and then. I love that.
Have a nice day

Mary said...

Wonderful pictures for a wonderful day with a wonderful daughter...you are blessed. Yes, how we respond to life's disappointments does show who we are!


Mary said...

Hi again, Heidi! I know which you are - I can tell from the picture! Thanks!