Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heart and Home Garden Angels and More

I'm joining Tam and the rest of the gang for 3 or more Tuesday over at The Gypsy's Corner.

In my garden I've planted geraniums, lobelia, petunias and allisium. But there are others that live among the garden plants. I spy a fat little bird, and a sweet, chubby, little angel.....

and a stately copper dragonfly come to rest upon the jasmine.

A fairy ball, and a petite wooden bird are nestled beside the flowers...

watching the angels living cheek to cheek with the lobelia

and alongside the petunias, as they play heavenly instuments while breathing in the sweet scent of the purple and blue flowers,

in my little deck garden, here on the redwood coast.

Until next time


DeniseMarie said...

lovely post! I wish we could sit together for a cup of coffee or tea right there.

Barb said...

Love that last pic.

have one with a nose like that myself pictured to day.

barbara jean

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh so pretty! I love that dragonfly especially -- he looks fabulous in among the flowers. Lovely garden!
(And my dog has gotten to where he doesn't like jumping up on the sofa... so we lift him up! I enjoyed reading your profile.)