Monday, August 17, 2009

Collections at Heart and Home

For Three or More Tuesday at The Gypsy's Corner, I'm sharing part of one of my favorite collections.

I love buying books, because I love to read. But I especially love to buy and read old books.......

Apparently, this little fairy does, too:

What a nice selection! I spy "Heidi" by Johanna Spyri, A collection of Shakespeare, and "The Arabian Nights".

I love to open them carefully and breathe in their musty, old-library scent.

These are definitely not collector's editions! They are so old and tattered, and sadly, some of them are starting to fall apart at their spines.

But, I love them just the same, and each has it's own charm: real leather binding, beautiful color plates,

and exquisite and detailed illustrations.

To me, books are my friends. Having them around brings me such pleasure. I get a thrill when I find a nice, new-to-me, time-worn book for my collection. And, like my friends, I love acquiring new ones, yet nothing can replace my old ones. I treasure each one.

Until next time,


Greyscale Territory said...

I too am a book person! These are beautifully presented! And I still have my old Heidi books! 3 of them!

Chris said...

You are the first person I have heard say they enjoy the smell of old books. I do too! It just transports me to a place where I can imagine all the hands that have held & enjoyed each page turning...

Great post & wonderful collection!

Carrie said...

The figurine is so delightful...I enjoy seeing figures reading in painting and in sculpture. The illustrations in your books are lovely.

Poppedijne said...

Your sentiment about books is as mine. Love them old books!