Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fire in the Hills

As I write this, for the third day and night 600+ dedicated and extremely brave men and women are battling an enormous forest fire in the hills near the coast where we live.

Thankfully, our home is not in danger, we are not in the proximity of the fire, and we are not concerned about our safety. However, at this point over 6,400 acres have burned, and many homes and lives are threatened. Over 2,400 people have been evacuated. The sky is very hazy and there is a strong smell of smoke in the air. The wind has made fighting this fire even more difficult in the thickly wooded, extremely dry rolling hills. There has been a steady, constant stream of air traffic as planes and helicopters come and go providing back up for the firefighters on the ground.

The courage of the many, many people who are here battling the flames is awesome. I can't think of anything more terrifying than walking into a wall of fire. I am asking a favor. Please say a prayer, think a thought, chant a mantra, whatever your beliefs, to ask for the continued safety and well being of all the fire fighters who are working tirelessly for the protection of those whose homes, lives and businesses are threatened by these terrible fires.

Thank you

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