Monday, August 3, 2009

A Berry Good Morning

I spent this morning in our overgrown garden, out in the side yard, picking a ton of blackberries. I am thrilled that we are able to step outside and get fresh berries while in our pjs, if we so desire. The berry bushes are so wild, I got caught in them a few times and was afraid I would not be able to escape. The thought of someone finding me there, stuck to the bushes , no makeup, sweats on, berry juice running down my inspired me to do some clever tugging and twitching and twisting until the berries set me free. But I did not leave until I filled my bucket with the sweetest, most delicious berries, still warm from the morning sun.

Nothing stops me in my pursuit of fruit on the vine or in a tree. Ask my family: I'm not the most athletic gal on the block, but if I spy an apple on the highest branch of the tree, I will find a way to get to it. Even if it means climbing up there myself. Which I have done. Of course, getting back down can be tricky. But I haven't lost an apple, or pear, or berry yet! My wonderful Mr. H&H even made me a berry picking stick to help me pull in those elusive long canes with the best fruit on them, the ones that are always just out of reach. Before that, I used an umbrella, the kind with a hooked handle, to do the job. But this works so much better- doesn't get stuck in the vines and doesn't matter if it gets stained with juice, either!