Monday, July 27, 2009

My daughter the writer's 20th birthday.

We had a perfect day together! First, a long invigorating walk along the coast. It was very windy, but so beautiful, and I always feel renewed after spending some time at the ocean. After our long walk, lunch was in order. We are always hungry!! So off we went to get some great food and even better some delicious desserts (birthday treats, after all) Yum!
Later in the afternoon there were presents to unwrap, and then a wonderful picnic under the trees, with a view of the entire bay. To top off the evening we enjoyed Shakespeare in the redwood grove, bundled up under blankets and sipping on hot chocolate. Fabulous! Thanks for having a birthday, sweetie!

The redwood grove

Lots of gifts for our girl

Yummy desserts
The magnificient coastline

Another view of the ocean