Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, Clean Monday at Heart and Home

Hey there blogging buddies!

What if all I have to show for the weekend is a really clean house (and by really clean I mean so clean it squeaks, the carpets are all shampooed and all the slipcovers bleached and washed and hung outside to dry, the place is dusted and polished and looking pretty nearly as perfect as a house can look), and a couple of ticket stubs?

Would that count as a Metamorphosis? or a DIY?

Because, for two days we (and when I say we, you know I mean he as in my husband, my hero this weekend) weeded, and swept, and moved mulch, and scrubbed and rub-a-dub-dubbed this place into perfect godliness clean, while I rearranged and dusted and polished, and kind of helped around the edges of everything, and then went to a musical theatre matinee with our daughters previously arranged, and not just to get out of his hair so he could finish and watch the baseball game in peace.

I had about a couple million cups of tea, and went to the farmer's market and bought beautiful fruit and veggies and made beet salad and steak and wild rice and fresh corn on the cob for dinner.

I cut and pasted and glittered and lettered and got some really nifty looking banners and decorations made for one of those said daughter's upcoming 21st (yep, that's right my firstborn baby is turning 21) birthday celebration.

 And I wrote lists, and looked up recipes, and plotted and schemed the menu, and the decorations, and the seating arrangement in my head over and over.

Because I can't just let details like that alone, I have to think them through, and roll them around in my brain, and sort of work them to death until I feel satisfied that everything is arranged perfectly, knowing full well that there is no perfect, especially when it comes to parties.

But I try.

And then, after everyone has come, and had a great time, and everything is cleaned up and put away, well, then I can let go, and I have a good time, remembering.

I know. I'm working on a new approach. Which is to have fun at the actual party, not just afterwards.

It's a work in progress, I've gotten much better at it, believe me. I'm not nearly as crazed as I used to be the week before a large social gathering of all our friends and family at my house, where I've arranged everything and all eyes and expectations are resting squarely on me and my two weak shoulders.

I feel much more prepared, and in control, and relaxed about everything.
It's a sort of edgy, anxious relaxation, if you know what I mean.

So, what do you think?

Metamorphosis, or not?

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Until next time,

Linked to the wonderful Susan's Met. Monday, and Sally's Blue Monday. Thank you ladies, for constant support and lovely parties every week.


Jemsmom said...

I think if falls under the "Oh my stars! You have been a busy woman!!" category!!! I wish I had that energy! Your hydrangeas are absolutely stunning!

Your daughter's party will be spectacular, but do remember to enjoy it! Isn't that the hardest part for the hostess? It will only happen once so stop and look around and enjoy! I know you will! Can't wait to see those pictures!

Allison {A Glimpse Inside} said...

I could that as a metamorphosis!

And I don't know how you have any more energy left to even type after that weekend.

Also, Hope your daughter has a wonderful 21st birthday and I'm sure her party will be FABULOUS!

vignette design said...

You have been one busy lady Heidi! I know you want everything to be perfect (and it will) but what you will remember is how much fun everyone had at your daughter's 21st. The laughter, the food, the photos. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

SmilingSally said...

A "million cups of tea"? I guess I'm thinking that you have one very full bladder!

Happy Blue Monday, Heidi.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a great party for your daughter! Everything is gorgeous! Loving those beautiful hydrangeas!!!
Happy BLUE Monday!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe you need a little more practice...I will leave the doors unlocked.

Sharon Cohen said...

I remember my days like that and they are SO wonderful. When all is spit-spot and orderly - rampant chaos that "morphs" into something so close to perfect. What delight, what fullness of delight.

I wish I'd known to capture them, as you have. I wish I'd known that life would not always be as you described here. You have brought them all back - every clean day, every pre-party, every list and every piece of beauty - that I ever assembled in my home. It was a lovely walk for a Monday afternoon. Thank you.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You will be at my home at what time? :-D I will be glad to get the work projects finished (if that ever happens) so I can get this place cleaned good.. I remember when I use to keep my home company ready all the time, and that has not been in a while.
Have a great week.

The Single Nester said...

Dontcha just love hydrageas!?

Blondie's Journal said...

I love a clean house...REALLY clean as you described. Somehow, when men put their minds to it, it really does shine.

I am exactly the same as you when it comes to preparing for a party. I worry and plan, worry and plan. I do relax at the party, and then I worry my way through the clean up wondering if everyone had a good time. And I am trying to get better, too!

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!


gena said...

Clean houses are the best part kind of Metamorphosis ! We've been working double time around here too, getting ready for our son's wedding rehearsal dinner in just a week and a half !!!!!

The hydrangeas are stunning btw !
thanks for sharing,

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Heidi, I will fly you out here to come make my house squeaky clean and maybe you can organize it, too! If I could quit helping others I could get my stuff done. At least I got the yard mowed today.

Jingle said...


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I am the same way about cleaning for a party , a tad OCD..sounds wonderful....I have a new giveaway on my holiday blog, A Baby Changes Everything, with more copies of IN A HEARTBEAT to give away on TUESDAY. Stop by and enter....Have a great week..

Allison said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! You have been one busy bee. I am sure the party will be lovely and a good time will be had by all. It will be perfect!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Oh my goodness...I'm exhausted just reading your post! I agree with everyone else that you must remember to have a good time at the party! Remember, as Carly Simon told us in her song "These are the good old days". Hmmm, I wonder who originally said that!?!
Have a great time and build your memories. Wonderful post. You have fantastic energy!

Tracy F. said...

I don't think I'm that productive in a week! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous---blue is my favorite. I know the party will be wonderful. Look forward to hearing all the details.

Gypsy Heart said...

I'm exhausted just reading this! The party will be wonderful, that's a given. I do think you're being way too hard on yourself though. I realize you want it all to be great and "perfect" but try to relax and enjoy the process and most importantly, the party. The people are not coming to inspect your home, they're coming to celebrate, have fun and eat & drink. Drop by The Reluctant Entertainer and read her blog. :-)

The flowers are gorgeous and I feel sure your home is more beautiful than before. Breathe...

Have a good week!


Kelee Katillac said...

Loved this post. Honest. The honesty and authenticity is just great! The weekend saids really wonderful What else could we ask for...other the a fresh home, lovely meal, creativity for the family....? When so many in
the world would think these things as part of heaven.... we are so fortunate.

Beautifully done Heidi!

love, kelee

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hello Heidi! I just found you through Met Monday! I started my new blog to encourage me to let the housework go a little--now I am feeling really guilty!!! My oldest just turned 21, but she was doing her junior year abroad in Scotland so we missed the big day :( . I am looking forward to seeing your old posts, and I am now a follower! Linda

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Well, you have been busy! But it sounds like the best kind of busy. I think I am alot like you.
p.s. I am following you :-)

Victoria said...

Gorgeous photos are super-beautiful and inspiring!

Thankyou for your lovely words!

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